Monday, January 25, 2016

Update #3

Jan 19 2016

Stone Rubbings on Fabric

Perhaps you've once upon a time taken a rubbing from an old gravestone- a practice now frowned upon, often illegal, as it hastens the breakdown of the surface of the carved stone. It's an exciting technique, as the surface textures are captured and the image comes to life under our fingers. With a little skill, the process can produce incredibly beautiful work. Alas, in the interest of maintaining our historic stonework in cemeteries and on monuments, we must restrain our hand. 

No such restriction applies to my own stone work in relief, and one day I got nudged by someone close to try the idea of a rubbing from my own carving, just so he could have it hung up to enjoy in his study every day. After some experimentation I discovered a way to make it work, which involved high quality, firm art crayons and heavy papers.

large rubbing on paper, "Torn"

I kind of hate caring for paper! and the large rolls getting crushed and the difficulty and expense of framing some of the larger pieces. So, I tried it on cloth, seeking out colors and textures in the fabrics that echoed the stone, lichens, old trees and mosses often found in the many places of the standing stones. 

making a rubbing

You can try it as well, from some of my previously completed relief work right in my studio. This is a first time ever, one time only offer extended only through this Kickstarter. Though I have taught a class in how to carve relief to get the best rubbings, I have NEVER before allowed anyone to take rubbings from my work besides me! For a pledge of $75, we'll spend a couple hours in my studio creating your rubbing with your choice of the available fabrics and colors. It's composition, size and shape will be up to you. We'll have a pot of tea and some snacks while we work, either one on one or in a small group

And, if you would like a rubbing of your own, without heading to the mills of Warren, RI, we can arrange that as well. For a pledge of $50, I will send you one of the rubbings of this piece, a special favorite, with a couple possible color/style options available. Just message me about your preferences or interests...for example, perhaps you'd like a mostly blues and greens rubbing, or that you would love one in earth tones. And, if some different image of my relief stonework or its rubbing captures your attention, let me know, and we may be able to customize a rubbing just for you! 

New Moon

"New Moon" double rubbing

I am packing wildly this morning, as the plane leaves tonight for the big trip to London! If you'd pledge before I leave it would be so very encouraging! 

-Laura T

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