Saturday, January 9, 2016

Am I really retired?

I am in my new studio, lying on the couch, a day or two after year has turned. It's now 2016, I'm on the couch in my new studio. I've been retired since June from my hectic, all- absorbing high school art teaching job. Right now,  I am contemplating a long list of things I need to do in the month of January. I don't feel very retired!

But they say, artists don't retire. They never retire. And the last thing I want to do is retire from being an artist. I am about to launch my very first for kick starter campaign, and I'm hopeful, but truly wondering if I will get support for it. The kick starter is to support the longest journey I'll probably ever make just to look at Art. It's for me to go to London to visit the British Museum, which is hosting the largest collection of Celtic art ever assembled. And it's closing the end of January, so I better move fast.

People use kick starter to get lots of things done, including amass giant wads of money to get certain objects manufactured and also print out CDs, which is how most of the people I know have had use for crowdfunding. My manufacturing process is simple: get me a chisel and hammer and a chunk of limestone and wait a couple weeks, or a month, and then you can have some art. Almost nothing can speed this up. I think this is a good thing.

But this is like a band going on tour, or going to 100 workshops made just to suit me. I have to get there. I will get there, it's just that when I get back, I'm going to want to bury myself in limestone and hammers and chisels and not come out until spring or maybe even June. And if I don't get some help, instead I might have to go and get some kind of part time employment. To pay the bills from the trip. And the work won't get as done as fast. And the thing is, the work- the sculpture, the ideas, the making-  that's why am doing the kick starter, really. The trip is inspiration for the work. And the real plan is to have a show with in a year and a half of the work I produced as a result of seeing this absolutely landmark show. It's a once-in-a-lifetime exhibit for me to see. Doing a kick starter will not only force me to make work to give to the supporters of this kick starter, it will force me to have a show of the work that I made. 

And, it will force me to get this blog started again! So welcome back! 

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